The services included in our commission of 10% are:

  • 1. Finding and introducing a tenant for the property.
  • 2. Taking up and checking references but not including any charges for a company search should this be requested
  • 3. Negotiating the terms of the tenancy between you and the tenant.
  • 4. Drawing up a Tenancy Agreement.
  • 5. Collecting and holding the deposit (as stakeholder) payable by the tenant against any dilapidation’s.
* All the above & fees are subject to sole agency.


For a further fee of 2% of the total rent plus we offer the following services:

  • 1. The demand and collection of rent on your behalf.
  • 2. The forwarding of rent to yourself or your bank.
  • 3. The preparation and submission of regular rent statements to yourself and / or your accountant.


The services included in our commission of 15% (Inclusive of our Letting service and Rent Collection Service) are:

Making every effort to notify service companies (telephone, gas, electricity, water and Council Tax dept.) at the commencement of the tenancy.
And also:

We will pay current outgoings such as Council Tax, Insurance premiums and any service charge and / or maintenance charge or similar contributions and account to you regularly.
You are expected to instruct your insurance company, the local authority, etc. to send their accounts to us. Although we shall do our best to query any obvious discrepancies it must be understood that we are entitled to accept and pay without question demands and accounts which appear to be in order.
We cannot accept responsibility for the adequacy of any insurance cover or for the verification of service / maintenance charge demands or estimates where applicable.
We must receive full written instructions regarding any insurance premiums you wish us to pay.
We cannot pay outgoings in excess of monies available to us in the Landlords account.

We shall deal with day-to-day management matters and inform you of any costs.
Except in an emergency wherever practical, estimates are obtained and submitted to you for approval in respect of works or redecoration, renewal or repairs likely to cost more than £150.00.
An additional supervisory fee of rate £50.00/hour of the total cost is charged for this work. (Our policy is to have the landlord or landlady (s) involved)

Our management will include non-expert investigation of defects, which come to our notice or are clearly and adequately brought to our attention by the tenant.
If instructed to do so we shall inspect the property every six months throughout the tenancy.
It should be appreciated that any such inspection can extend only to apparent and obvious defects and would not amount in any way to a structural survey of the property.
We cannot accept responsibility for hidden or latent defects.

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